The RE-Funk Era is HERE!!!

Diggy Dre’s “The RE-Funk Era” is out and it is currently available in 2 versions…. digital, which is just the base album itself, and it is also being offered as a Special Edition CD. Currently the Special Edition CD, which has 3 bonus tracks that the iTunes release doesn’t have, is being offered through Amazon.


The West Coast G-Funk Propellerhead Reason Refill….

If you have been itching to get your hands on the right sounds for Propellerhead Reason to produce G-Funk music with, then your in luck! Diggy Dre has taken about 8 months going through REAL synths such as the miniMOOG, microKORG, and more, creating custom patches, multi-sampling them into Reason and making them playable with full modulations and everything. There is a MASSIVE amount of patches here from both hardware synths and Propellerhead’s native Reason synths! This Refill was used in the production of “The RE-Funk Era”!
Check it out at




Diggy Dre’s remix to “Tha Funk”…. FREE DOWNLOAD!

Diggy Dre has done a remix to his last iTunes single, “Tha Funk”. If you miss that old school west coast G-funk shit, this one’s for you! It contains samples of Zapp and P-Funk (Parliament Funkadelic). This track WILL NOT appear on the upcoming album, “The RE-Funk Era”. (The original one will). So grab it while you can!

For promotional purposes only.

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