Andre S. Higgins (born September 11th, 1985), goes by the stage name Diggy Dre. Diggy was a nickname given to him as a child growing up in La Puente, California. When he got older and knew that he wanted to be involved in the hip-hop industry, he started to call himself Diggy Dre, which gave birth to him starting the independent label, Diggy Dre Records. Diggy Dre always dreamed big and always had big goals. Starting as a youngster, he only looked up to legends, determined to become one someday.
Welcome to Cali, a west coast hip-hop album complete with a mixture of modern hip-hop with a G-Funk twist, was released in the summer of 2011, as Diggy Dre’s album debut. Now at the age of 30, Diggy Dre recalls producing his first beat at the age of 15. “I refuse to rap on somebody else’s beat, especially on a mixtape, but I would do it as a feature”, he says. It was a journey starting from a few basic programs to saving and sacrificing to get the industry standard equipment including Digidesign Pro Tools, Reason Software for music production, keyboards, studio mics, and even a talkbox and Yamaha DX-100 that once belonged to “More Bounce” legend, Roger Troutman.
Diggy Dre grew up listening to such acts as Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, Parliament, and even Motown. Music runs in his family and a lot of good music was played in the household. His grandfather, Rock n’ Roll saxophonist and legend, Chuck Higgins, once gave him a saxophone to play in music class while growing up. “I always was creative in some way. Writing poems as a child transformed to me writing songs now. Tooting the saxophone as a child transformed into me playing the keyboard now and programing beats and sliding faders on the mixing board, etc.”
Every rap artist in the industry right now has some kind of artist that they look up to. Diggy Dre can list a few, like Snoop Dogg, Eazy-E, N.W.A, DJ Quik, Warren G, 2 Pac, Ice Cube, but over and above all, Dr. Dre, for his production style and his business ethics. “A lot of people say my music can be comparable to Dr. Dre. That’s great and I love it, but I’m introducing the world to Diggy Dre”. Diggy Dre hopes to see the rise of the west coast music scene once again the way it was in the 90’s and strongly believes it to be possible since good music eventually becomes classics, and then eventually becomes timeless. “I’m thankful I looked up to the legends I look up to now because that is why I have developed into the artist, producer, and independent C.E.O. that I have become and now I am part of what they call, The New West Coast!”
Welcome To Cali, Diggy Dre’s first project, was released in 2011. Lyrics and production by Diggy Dre can also be heard on Eazy-ECPT.Com’s ,Ruthless Memories, an Eazy-E tribute mixtape that released on March 26th, 2011, with a song titled “Dear Eazy”, as well as the new Ruthless Memories CD available at ThugstaClothing.Com, with a song titled “Hittin’ Switchez (On Y’all)”.
In the summer of 2014, he starred in a few scenes in the Universal Motion Picture, “Straight Outta Compton” as an extra, although he did have a chance to try out for the role of Ice Cube. He can also be seen in a cameo appearance in the music video “To Nate Dogg” by Wanz ft. Warren G, Grynch, and Crytical.
In the summer of 2015, Diggy Dre converted Diggy Dre Records into Relentless Records after recording a song with Baby Eazy aka Eazy-E3, the son of the late and great Eazy-E. Soon after, the label shifted into Vindictive Records, due to a trademark issue. Diggy Dre has just finished his new studio album, The RE-Funk Era, which is set to feature Wanz (Macklemore’s Thrift Shop hookman), Yung Muusik, Iceberg aka Bigg Body, as well as Eazy-E3. The RE-Funk Era is set to release on 4/18/17.
He also has a vape juice endorsement with as well as a clothing line called G-Threadz Clothing Co.
Stay tuned because Diggy Dre is Keeping it West Coast, one track at a time!